Aviles - 7 reasons to visit the Niemeyer Cultural Center

Niemeyer de Avilés Cultural Center in Asturias at dusk

The political controversies that the cultural programming of the Niemeyer Center from Aviles, in Asturias, possibly they have led you to ask what is the attraction of this cultural center, and even to consider the possibility of visiting it.

He Niemeyer Cultural Center It has its origin in the celebrations of the 25 years of the Prince of Asturias Awards, in 2006, which was attended by the prestigious Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who had been awarded in 1998.

As a thank you, Niemeyer gave Asturias the design of a building, which in April 2008 began to become a reality in Aviles, when the construction of the so-called Niemeyer Cultural Center began, which was inaugurated in March of this year 2011.

Auditorium of the Niemeyer de Avilés Cultural Center in Asturias at dusk

I'll give you next 7 reasons why you should visit the Niemeyer Cultural Center in Aviles.

1.- The Niemeyer Center of Aviles It is the only exhibition you can see in Spain of the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer, the only living architect whose work has been considered World Heritage for Unesco. And according to Niemeyer himself, it is his main work in Europe.

2.- The Niemeyer Center born taking as a model the great process of urban transformation that for the city of Bilbao it has meant the architectural and cultural project of Guggenheim museum.

3.- The Niemeyer Center is the first piece of a more ambitious project, the Innovation Island, whose objective is to complete the urban regeneration of the city of Aviles.

Auditorium of the Niemeyer Cultural Center in Aviles

4.- In the Niemeyer you can attend the performances by prestigious artists in its large auditorium with capacity for up to 1,000 people.

This capacity is extended with the opening of the auditorium's external stage, so that up to 15,000 people have been concentrated on the esplanade of the Niemeyer Center, for example, in the performance of Woody Allen and his jazz group during the event inaugural.

For him Auditorium of the Niemeyer Center Outstanding artists have already passed, such as Jackson Brown, Aute, Victor Manuel, Vetusta Morla, Luz Casal, or María Pagés.

Dome of the Niemeyer de Avilés Cultural Center in Asturias at dusk

5.- When you visit the Niemeyer, the imposing dome building It is the place where you can see the exhibitions, like the inaugural Luz, by Carlos Saura.

6.- The Niemeyer Center Tower is where the gastronomic offer. On the one hand, you can taste the cuisine of prestigious chefs, according to a specific schedule.

Cocktail bar in the Tower of the Niemeyer Cultural Center in Avilés

And on the other, you can visit the cocktail bar, from where you have the best panoramic views of Aviles. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 6 pm to midnight (Friday and Saturday, until 2 a.m.)

7.- And finally, your trip to see the Niemeyer Cultural Center is an excellent pretext for visit the historic center of Aviles.

Niemeyer Cultural Center in Aviles